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Round of live pig rise prices ended thoroughly
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Bargain is too hard, 14 yuan of a jin big platoons still nod bought, though oneself compare other customer to know prices -- at the beginning of the month successional 3 days look at the car on live pig carry, the price is 5 yuan of anise 51 jins. These two days, the live pig that shows in farmer mailbox buys price, be 6 yuan one, 2, this is to point to " outside 3 yuan " the nice variety with high rate of lean lean of and so on.

Overall for, round this of live pig rise prices ended thoroughly. Compare with top price photograph, live pig buys valence to drop go 4 into the left and right sides, countrywide each district is basic and such. So, to raising pig employment for, be in small profit afresh nowadays the condition of small perhaps caustic. Hear some places begin to kill a sow again, think those who raise a pig to change the line of production, make some other plans.

With respect to consumer character, after sufferring a pig, we do not have savor the benefit with how many meaty and cheap pig. CPI of statistic of this pair of governments namely the dweller consumes an index, also do not have advantage. See the price quotations that the scroll on screen of free market of agricultural products shows, give birth to an assuming want: If can hit a porky " approve 0 difference " good, good let me know this one knife after all, be was slaughtered by who. This also makes understand consumption. Pig cheap when one say: The half an year that raise a pig is inferior to killing a hog a long time, another version is to sell the meat a long time. The schoolbook of the life told us racily " price rule " : Even if does not have the element interpose besides the market, the value always also does not change to be conducted naturally as supply and demand. The publicity of information is transparent, turn and form the mainstream collective volition that the society consumes, be also the method of a kind of adjusting control that stablizes prices?

Can resemble weather forecast same, opposite pig price is qualitative, for instance instantly is those who be in wind He Rili is smooth period, still arrived orange early-warning or maize early-warning when? Does among them cause of formation have He Quanwei to explain? Because be in the United States early second before borrowing the crisis, we pass pork crisis one round with respect to ask advice. The financial storm that sweeps across the whole world nowadays makes clear " free market " also not be a poppet, no matter teach,be no good. This round hog prices glides, what can inspect central much ministries and commissions and local government join forces completely to help city is successful, solved the in short supply problem that fleshy source supplies; So, whether to have civilian the opportunity that should take the advantage of the source inside instantly to abound " filling storehouse " , put more some in refrigeratory, stabilize popular feeling on one hand, avoid to raise pig course of study big cases to fall greatly, often be in low-level on metempsychosis. In that way, cause really easily " the rice bowl since end eats the meat, put down a chopstick to condemn a woman " complaint. On the other hand, in case the course of study that raise a pig is not maintained somewhat atrophic, also outflow of fat water of so as to save, to foreign entrance, become be forced to traverse the city that helps a family gift is nice the city that will save oneself.
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