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What reason makes at present pork price house does not fall high?
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Core clew

The reporter superintended a branch to understand from the market such as Nanning city business affairs and prices recently: This year 1-6 month, amount of livestock on hand of Nanning city live pig two million nine hundred and twenty-four thousand eight hundred, grow one hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred compared to the same period, pig source is adequate, demand of great and can contented market. 1-8 month, live pig of Nanning urban district estimates accumulative total into dot butcher six hundred and sixty-three thousand two hundred, than last year the corresponding period increases eighty-five thousand four hundred, hair deferment of production solved pork market to supply tight situation, trade price case also goes low successively subsequently, but attentive citizen discovery, at present retail prices of porky of field of city of another name for Nanning however fall after a rise is slow, the citizen wants to know is what reason makes pork price house at present tall no less than.

The market

"We are to come out to sell porky together "

On October 8 in the morning, the reporter comes to hemp village food market, the price of the steaky pork that place of stall of 10 many pork sells here is 24 yuan / kilogram, but with booth advocate chop cut price, can buy every kilograms of price to be in 22 yuan commonly even 20 yuan steaky pork. That day afternoon 4 when make, the reporter comes to hemp village food market again, the booth that pork goes advocate the citizen that buys food in accost buys the pork, enquired many stall, gotten steaky pork price is in 22 yuan / kilogram. In one stall, booth advocate say to the reporter, steaky pork every kilograms 22 yuan, if wanting, 20 money give you. See the reporter still is in hesitant, spread out advocate state 18 yuan are minimum price. Booth advocate still tell a reporter, because the pork is bought in the morning, arrived to be done not have afternoon so fresh, sell 18 yuan a kilogram so. "The pork price that how all stall sell the employer here is same? " the reporter asks. Boss laugh: "We are to come out to sell porky together, the price is euqally regular. " subsequently, the reporter enquired another flesh is peddled " how is the pork here a price " when, he says: "You buy the flesh to buy the pork, do not ask so much. Do not ask so much..

Flying phoenix food market, the reporter understands here the pork price that all stall sell is almost same, but the pork price afternoon can compare the cheap 2~4 in the morning every kilograms yuan. 8 days afternoon 5 when, the reporter flies again phoenix market, come round to buy porky citizen to had been done not have at this moment so much in the morning. A booth advocate tell a reporter, because buy porky person afternoon less, fleshy price photograph is so a bit cheaper than wanting in the morning, sell 28 yuan in the morning / kilogram pure lean lean, sell 24 yuan afternoon / kilogram, 20 yuan / kilogram half fat lean lean also sells 18 yuan only / kilogram, 24 yuan / kilogram hind we sell buttock meat only now 20 yuan / kilogram.
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