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Meet the current condition that raise a pig correctly
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Recently, reports of many announce medium form raise pig door the current deficit that raise a pig is serious, raise a pig to had had no way out. From the point of current condition, even if is the government can publish the measure that help city, also be far hydrolyze not close thirsty. Face the situation that raise a pig austere, raise pig door to cannot place the hope at the government, and ought to save oneself.

It is the condition raising a pig that should affirming knowledge is current:

The first, amount of livestock on hand of current live pig increases considerably really

Give aid to through national live pig of policy and the higher-priced market that are as long as two years many pull move below, amount of livestock on hand of current live pig relatively the end of the year had increased considerably 2006, and be national. Raise pig door to be able to use the case that knows live pig amount of livestock on hand the most intuitionisticly: Oneself or the oneself circumjacent pig that raise pig door are a lot of more.

According to not complete count, 2008 first half of the year, amount of livestock on hand of domestic progenitive sow increases proportion bigger. Than last year amount of livestock on hand of live pig of the corresponding period increases 15%-20% , progenitive sow increases 20%-30% , can numerous sow occupies the scale of pig of amount of livestock on hand to already amounted to 10% above, the stability that exceeds 7%-8% develops a standard.

The 2nd, reach the price last year to go first half of the year situation it is abnormal

One first-born pig earns hundreds of to get on 1000 yuan, a piglet earns hundreds of yuan, is this the profit with raise a pig normal? A matter that raises pig door complain of suffering currently and drop of the profit that raise a pig are concerned greatly, arrive by nearly 1000 yuan of the beginning of the year profit the small profit nowadays, even deficit, the time of large half an year, on profit drop 1000 yuan. And current deficit is serious is high price of the beginning of the year buys what piglet raises to raise pig door mostly. At that time, raise pig door not less to think pig price still can rise, this one judgement was brought about raise pig door high price to purchase piglet, this also is one of main reasons that buy what piglet raises to raise pig door to have a deficit greatly currently.

September live pig price from the month 13.2 yuan first / 9.2 yuan when Kg drops to the end of the month / Kg, drop of the short, change of big, time fast, make industry public figure open-eyed and incomprehensible, let raise pig practitioner to become some angst and uneasiness, but the evidence that comes round to look to still rebound without sole it seems that from eye. Below the perpendicular blow of live pig price, the mood of the practitioner that raise a pig drops into cereal bottom already. From inchoate of the city after be opposite hopeful forecast at present the abidance of the price goes low, the theory of supply demand relations that uses a convention very hard merely again it seems that will explain.
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