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Live pig supplies abundant meat price to return to reason
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Yesterday (16) day, reporter from the our city understanding of each big free market of agricultural products arrives, because nonlocal live pig is swarmed into in great quantities, market price of our city pork already fell reach every kilograms 20 yuan or so, steaky pork is to drop more defeated every kilograms 20 yuan close greatly.

16 days morning 8 when make, the reporter is in city the 2nd free market of agricultural products, happy free market of agricultural products, inside market of small north market sees, lively picture is sent before pork stall, the citizen that comes round to buy the pork is increasing, the business is very prosperous. The reporter understands in interview, at present average price is less than our city pork every kilograms 22 yuan, steaky pork is average the price falls to 20 yuan the following. Introduce according to a fleshy booth master, the price of steaky pork is in every kilograms now 16 reach 20 yuan, flesh of lean lean of steaky pork, essence, hind leg waited to fall every kilograms on average than September 2 money, but the pig is splanchnic did not depreciate.

A controller tells bureau of city business affairs the reporter, at present the pork market of the our city is supplied enough, basically be nonlocal pig, and this locality pig is less, resemble by September, the pork that sells on the market is basic be carry of Hunan, Henan, Liaoning comes over. If not be nonlocal porky a large number of supply, the pork price at least of the our city still is maintained be in every kilograms 26 yuan.

Additional, the live pig that the country executes breeds allowance to give aid to policy, also promoted the enthusiasm raising a pig of farmer, make domestic pork market had enough supply and safeguard, accordingly, the prices that price of our city pork also follows the throughout the country is same, appeared to last the situation of fall after a rise. From at present domestic pork is laid in and dimensions of live pig breed aquatics looks, price of our city pork is gone against impossibly inside quite long period of time situation rise.

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