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First natural zoology raises Xiangtan county pig law is popularized in Shi Tan
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On October 15, first natural zoology raises Xiangtan county pig law grooms the class presses down a government to open a class to give lessons in Shi Tan. The Liu Wubiao manager of companies of 100 million still content engineering gives what Shi Tan presses down to bred large family to go up an image is vivid, visual the natural modes of life and relation to their environment that knows easily breeds a technology to groom class.

Natural zoology raises pig standard, common says slug raises pig standard, it is project of plan of national shooting star, this technology uses the cushion that 100 million An Jile products make microbial preparation to expect the bed undertakes fermenting, serve as mat makings with this, the characteristics that uses pig arch to break up makes pig dung, make water and mat makings mix, use microbial ferment catabolism, make fecal change quickly, achieve without smelly, insipidity, harmless change, raise pig yield, decrease use up, improve pork quality, 0 discharge, the advantage such as free from contamination of safe environmental protection, do not want the able-bodied person of high strenth, need not regular cleared excrement and urine, when the province, makings of water of province industry, section, section, energy-saving, natural zoology raises the green revolution that pig technology is live pig breed aquatics, those who make live pig industry makes green environmental protection industry is new germinant.

The Xiangtan Zhen Wangsheng condition that at present Shi Tan presses down raises pig major cooperation is " 100 million still content " series is zymogenic the product always acts as agent, close assume 0 arrange the promotion that ferments the bed raises pig technology and service. Should press down Zhang Qingyun of equestrian bridge village, king of green hill village is being installed, lunar village Yin Zhengxia has thrown natural zoology to raise pig technology to carry out on.

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